• Location – Haiti, mountain village
  • First Yarn Zombie discovered by Walter & Ida
  • Zombification trigger event – Husband murdered on their wedding night by a jealous ex-lover.
  • Fascinations – Voodoo (good and “black magic”); death rituals; ghosts; religious icons; Monkeys
  • Special powers or skills – Exceptionally strong psychic powers.... in fact, she provided the clues which have helped Walter & Ida find other Yarn Zombies; Her psychic energy is so strong that when she is in a full on psychic state she can cause the room to chill a good ten degrees. Her voodoo dolls work! They can be imbued with “good” or “bad” vibes… or both.
  • Survival scent – Island musk
  • Jujuz created Lobez, Brad & Angie