• Location – East Texas near Port Arthur
  • Fourth Yarn Zombie discovered by Walter & Ida
  • Zombification Trigger Event – Robin or “Rob” as his friends call him joined the Army after high school and qualified as a special forces paratrooper. While serving in Afghanistan he and his closest friend were captured by Islamic Extremists while out on a late night recon mission. Rob and his friend were both tortured and eventually he was forced to watch while his buddy was beheaded. A few days later he managed to escape and was ultimately reunited with his platoon. Among his unopened mail that accumulated during his capture was a “Dear John” letter from his fiancé. Turns out that while he was being tortured, she was fooling around with someone that Rob considered a “friend”. This discovery was just too much and sent him into a deep depression.
  • Special powers / skills – Robin is mildly clairvoyant with a “6th sense” for pending danger. He has the ability to influence the behavior of others telepathically. Discovering these powers is how he was able to escape his captors.
  • Fascinations – Anything having to do the culture of war and warriors both current and historic. Nasty animals, particularly the carnivorous type. Video game-like monsters.
  • Survival scent – Warm home made pie 
  • Jujuz created Skip, Muffy