Zombies are not made in laboratories or from infectious bites by supernatural monsters. Those are Hollywood myths. Real zombies are made inside of us, by us.

All it may take is one bad day to bring it out. Fail a grade? Lose a job? Break your heart? Pretty soon you may stop answering your phone or forget the basic rules of hygiene. If you don’t stop wallowing in your funk soon, your condition is going to really fester. Like sour yogurt, but in your soul.

Worse yet, we have evidence that there may well be a “zombie gene” that lives insides many of us, predisposing us to the condition. Just like diabetes, cancer, or unattached earlobes. This gene can lie dormant for years until it is triggered by the catalyst of deep emotional trauma. And that means WE ARE ALL AT RISK!

Hollywood got one thing right: There is a zombie apocalypse on our horizon. But it’s coming from inside many of us, one at a time.